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We aim to provide a single resource for all hub-gear related information.

What's a hub gear? It's a type of gearing for pedal cycles where the mechanism is enclosed inside the hub (center) of the rear wheel. The best known example is the Sturmey-Archer 3-speed, whose basic design has been around for over a century.

Why should anyone use one, now that deraileurs can provide up to 30 gears with a vast range? Up to a few years ago, few serious cyclists would consider hub gears. With limited gear range, heavy weight and large steps between gears they surely couldn't compete with derailleurs. Then Rohloff introduced their Speedhub 500/14 hub. With a range comparable to mountain bike's range, 14 highly efficient gears to give comfortable steps between gears, and light weight, it put hub gears back into consideration. Oher manufacturers have since come out with offerings that lie between the humble 3- or 5-speed and the Speedhub in terms of price and performance.

The advantages of hub gears are: